Auto Insurance 101



Amid prevalent gaps in consumer awareness and persistent misconceptions surrounding insurance, how can Aviva educate potential customers about insurance options, generate increased customer engagement and empower individuals to make informed choices regarding their insurance coverage.


Our strategy centered on showcasing Aviva's Insurance & Services by creating compelling content that not only emphasized the program's value but also raised brand awareness and consideration.

We devised a targeted approach to engage and educate the audience, thereby building a user-friendly space for individuals seeking insurance information. To achieve this, we developed an evergreen microsite that could evolve into a comprehensive resource catering to Canadians in search of insurance.

What we have done

1x Brand Protected Space; English only


1,800 words of Editorial Copy, 5 Written Articles

Car insurance basics and your coverage options

What new drivers should know about your car insurance  

Does my policy cover multiple drivers

What affects your car insurance rate?

Claims and your premium

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• KPI Surpassed by 70%: Our approach exceeded the anticipated results, showcasing the effectiveness of the strategy

• 12 Million Reached in 14 Weeks: The campaign reached over 12 million potential insurance customers within a concise 14-week timeframe, fostering brand exposure and consideration.

• Substantial Engagement: The content resonated deeply, with users collectively investing over 333 hours (approximately 2 weeks) in exploring the benefits of insurance coverage and available options.

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